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GSD Brand 808nm Laser Hair Removal Handpiece Repair / Replacement

This diode laser hair removal handpiece model R is from GSD company, which is made of 7 pcs diode bar with micro channel cooler. Total optic power is 420W. The laser bar in this handpiece is VS-MI-60-7-NL7
Whole handpiece is made in China.
Service mode: Repair the broken diode laser in the handpiece. Such as replace new laser stack, test TEC peltier, cleaning and so on.

Repairing procedure Advantages
>Chioce A: Send the old broken handpiece to our facatory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleanning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you. >Save Money. Replace the broken diode stack only. Low cost and convenient
>Chioce B: if you have basic assambly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack. >Long life time. we use diode laser bars from Germany. The newest Ausn mounting technology will be applied when repairing. After repair. The handpiece will be as a new one. life time is much longer than before
>Choice C: Measure your stack and comfrim the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old hadnpiece. >All technical support available. We major in diode laser mounting, software, spare parts over 16 years. All the technology are open to you.
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GSD Laser Diode Handpiece Specifications

Model No 808nm Diode laser hair removal handpiece model R
Application GSD 808nm/810nm diode laser hair removal machine
Operation Mode CW
Number of submounts 7 Bars
Power per submounts 60W
Central wavelength at 25℃ 808 ± 2nm
Typical Operation current 60A
Typical Threshold current 15A
Maximum Operating Voltage <14V
Fast Axis Divergence (FWHM) 39º
Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)
Expected lifetime >10000 Hours
Typical pitch per bar 1.8mm
Cooling Requirement
Flow rate 2.1L/min ±10%
Water Temperature 25+-3°C
Water Quality Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm
cooling system Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements


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