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classic turbine water flow sensor for laser beauty machine


  • Round-collar
  • Material:95% Cotton,5% Spandex
  • Machine wash, tumble dry


product quality:
High temperature resistance
Waterproof chip
Acid and alkali resistant
Friction resistance

Features and benefits:
1.Impeller design
Nylon + glass fiber material is more durable and safer
2. High precision measurement
Pulse output, higher measurement accuracy and stronger stability
3. Small size, easy to install
Small and practical, can be adjusted at any angle
4. Imported chips
Hall element is imported from Japan, durable, sensitive and reliable

Water Flow Sensor Specifications

caliber DN15, 4 thread caliber
Using media water
Flow range 2-30L/min ± 10%
Pulse characteristic (Hz) = [7.5Q-3] ±10% (Q is flow L/min)
Withstand voltage ≤1.75MPa
voltage range DC5-24V, rated DC5V
Working current <10ma
Insulation resistance >100MΩ
Operating temperature -10to80 °C to avoid coagulation
Electrical strength AC500V 50Hz, no breakdown or flashover
output signal Pulsed NPN signal
Wiring Red:positive, black:negative, yellow signal line
Cumulative flow conversion ratio 1L water = 447 Hz ±10%

Additional information


1 Y, 2-3 Y, 3-6 M, 4-5 Y, 6-9 M


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