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6bars Focus Light FL Stack Repair Services


In the past 10 years, we have repaired various brands and different types of lasers (such as alma, dilas, focus light etc.), which are used on laser diode hair removal handle pieces

Generally, the main problem of these diode laser stacks is:
Some or all of diode bars were burned.

Followings are some reasons that cause burning the diode bar problem

* Using machine for too long time. it causes that the temperature becomes too high.
* The water flow rate is low. It causes the bad heat dissipation.
* The room temperature is a bit higher than normal, when using the machine.

* The environment for the machine is too humid.

* Using bad quality diode bar.
* laser diode bar mounting technology couldn’t reach the standard.
* The electronic control parameters don’t suit for the diode laser stack

This VS-MI-100-6-FL-A is an 808nm diode laser stack, which has 6pcs 100w bars with aluminum shell and PEEK backing board. Electrodes are on the back of the stack
It is used for 600W 808nm diode laser hair removal handpiece repairing and replacement.
Oriental-laser focused on diode laser bar assembling for more than 16 years and we have seen various alma soprano diode laser stacks.Also we can use the same Jenoptik bar like Alma used to recondition the power the laser soprano power.

Repairing Solution:
A: Send the old broken handpiece to our facatory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleanning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you.
(Advantages:Save Money. Replace the broken diode stack only. Low cost and convenient.)

B: if you have basic assambly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack.
(Advantages:Long life time. we use diode laser bars from Germany. The newest Ausn mounting technology will be applied when repairing. After repair. The handpiece will be as a new one. life time is much longer than before.)

C: Measure your stack and comfrim the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old hadnpiece.
(Advantages:All technical support available. We major in diode laser mounting, software, spare parts over 16 years. All the technologies about laser hair removal machine are open to you. )


Model No. VS-MI-100-6-FL-A
Application 600W 808nm diode laser hair removal handpiece repairing and replacement
Operation Mode CW
Power per submounts 100W
Number of submounts in one stack 6bars
Central wavelength at 25℃ 808 ± 5nm
Typical Operation current 80A
Maximum Operating current 100A
Typical Threshold current 15A
Maximum Operating Voltage <12V
Fast Axis Divergence (FWHM) 39º
Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)
Operation Condition non-condemsing atmosphere, cleaning room
Expected lifetime 10000hours
Typical pitch per bar 1.8mm
Cooling requirement
Flow rate 1.8L/min +-10%
Water Temperature 25+-3°C
Water Quality Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm
cooling system Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements



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