808nm Vertical Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

* Hair Removal,
* Fast Hair Removal
* Skin Rejuvenation

hair removal beauty machine vertical diode laser machine
functions hair removal,fast hair removal,skin rejuvenation
laser module 600W,6Bars*100w,40 millons life span
machine power 2000w
energy density 0~120J/cm2
wavelength 755nm,808nm,1064nm optional
pulse width 0~600ms
repetition rate 1~12Hz
skin cooling temperature -5℃–5℃ by cooled sapphire
Spot Size 11mmx11mm;10mmx17mm;20mmx30mm optional
language All Kinds,But no more than 2 languages ​​per machine
lcd screen 10.4″
cooling freon compressor+water cooling+fans cooling+TEC
input vac 110v-220vac,50-60hz
aluminum case dimension 61x57x126cm
weight 80kg

micro channel cooling structure(the best heat dissipation structure in the market so far)
learn more about the difference of micro channel cooling and macro channel cooling.

micro channel cooling structure is the best heat dissipation structure in the market so far

jenoptik laser bars from germany(The world’s top brands are using,such as alma,syneron,oriental laser)

Jenoptik laser bars from germany - The world's top brands are using,such as alma,syneron,oriental laser

efficient cooling system
A long-life laser stack is inseparable from an efficient cooling system.Its the highest level on the market.

In order to get a good cooling results .
(1) the water pump need higher pressure , We adopt Centrifugal DC brushless water pump. Pressure stronger ,working stable . The water circulation speed faster .
(2)Leading compressor cooling configuration,the refrigeration response is faster and the cooling effect is stronger.

Based on the 2 points above ,a bigger water tank will do more . We adopt 4L , combines these to get the best results , from the test feed back , our machine could working on max power for more then 12 hours without serious heat .

laser handpiece spot size

diode laser hair removal machine handpiece Spot Size

interface of laser hair removal system

the interface of diode laser hair removal system

Mixed wavelengths can better satisfy different types of customers.


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