From 2012 to 2019, I have heard many terrible and shocking story during my 7 years of business export the laser hair removal equipments with global cutstomers.
*Low quality equipment , inferior unit which can’t effective works or even big risk without safe setting .
*Not considerate service ,untrustworthy business, non-reponse after payment . No after-sales when machine broken in short time .

Trust is the a very basic and most important thing in every transaction,because customers can’t really touch or see the machine products through the internet,they can only understand by seller’s presentation(pictures,videos,phone,online chat).Some doubts before payment is understandable .Today I will share a few experience hope to help the new buyer choose the reliable beauty machine.

Laser hair removal treatment is a popular hair removal method on the market with good feedback.To choose a high quality machine shoud know below things in advance.
1.What is the real laser?
2.Why is the 808nm laser treatment is the better effective method.

A good laser hair removal device is inseparable from a good laser stack
Diode Laser Stack – the heart of devices
(PS:This is part of the repaired  diode laser stacks)

Factors that a good laser should have:
1.Jenoptik laser bars from germany
Laser bars for top brands (such as alma,oriental laser,etc.)
2.Micro channel cooling structure
The best heat dissipation structure on the market so far
3.Gold tin hard solder technology
Anti-Oxidant,High temperature resistance.
4.7 test standards.
A good product requires a rigorous testing process

A long-life laser stack is inseparable from an efficient cooling system.
Cooling System – a system that protects the heart
The cooling system on the market is generally divided into two types.

Radiator + fans air cooling
The process is water pump push the water flows circulation from water tank to handle then goes to condenser finally back to water tank .

Freon Compressor Cooling
The process is water pump push the water flows circulation from water tank to handle,then return to the water tank and lower the water temperature through the Freon compressor system.

In order to get a good cooling results .

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