If your laser hair removal machine fails to light up!
If your machine is out of warranty and you need to pay an expensive maintenance fee, If you have not found a reliable company that repairs diode laser stack or laser handle piece, you may as well learn about us.
1.We have been focusing on laser repair and manufacturing field for 11 years from 2007 to now, with independent professional super clean workshop of more than 500㎡, exquisite laser assembly technology, more than 30 laser technology R & D personnel. Therefore, we are a laser technology company.
2.We have repaired more than 20 brands of lasers stack, such as alma laser repair, nlight, syneron, dilas, focus light, blue moon, and more than 30 types of laser hair removal handle pieces repair.(You can see our real maintenance cases from the classification), so we have a wealth of experience.
3.We are a laser beauty factory, you will be more satisfied with our price.

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If you are a beauty equipment dealer!
If you haven't found a laser hair removal device that is popular in the market, if your product is always reacted without effect, and there are always faults and after-sales problems ,which have a great impact on your reputation, you might as well come to know us.
1.We are the creator of the 600W micro-channel cooling 808nm diode laser hair removal machine.
2. Jenoptik laser bars from Germany has a longer life and lower after-sales rate.
3. Independent research and development in laser packaging, water cooling system, circuit control, software integration, etc., we are more professional in technology.
4. after-sales service is more professional and timely.

If you want to customize or assemble your own style laser hair removal equipment
We offer a full set of instrument accessories and installation tutorials, providing you with technical and experience support unconditionally.

If you have any trouble with laser (beauty, industry)
If you just want to understand the problem of  laser hair removal system.
If you want to learn how to assemble laser hair removal system
If you want to repair laser stacks